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Finding true love is not easy, no matter how old you are — 20, 40, or 60. Searching for your significant other often takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes, it’s just down to luck. is a dating site that does most of that work for you, and carefully selects singles to be your best matches. It offers online dating services for people of all ages, so if you are still looking for your soulmate, or haven’t met him or her before, you can still make it with ProfessionalMatch. What distinguishes it from other similar sites is its Matchmakers that help you finding a long-lasting relationship. These dedicated ‘assistants’ use your personal details and preferences to search for and hand-pick singles just for you. Therefore, if you are not gifted in online dating, ProfessionalMatch is one of the best ways to stay on the safe side, follow the friendly advice and don’t waste time in matters of the heart.

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ProfessionalMatch is aimed at helping you reach your relationship goals, so when you’ve signed up you can choose what type of dating service you are interested in — online dating or personal matchmaking. With the latter, you get the assistance of a local matchmaker that will guide you through the whole process of finding those in your area that might be your perfect match. 


Members of all ages will find the search functions simple and useful. You can easily make use of most of them when there’s a need to refine your search results. When looking for that special someone, you can choose the search based on the information added to the profile, or use specific search criteria like lifestyle, background, appearance etc., or even choose the distance and see the matches that are located close to you. Whatever you choose, you’ll find singles that meet your requirements, which you can change any time.

Sign-up Process

Signing up with is very easy and fast. During the process you’ll be asked to fill out your personal details that will be visible to other members, and then answer additional questions that will help the matchmakers know your preferences better and screen the vast singles database for your would-be matches. If you haven’t had an online dating experience before, the site will also give you tips and hints on how to make an eye-catching profile so you can get other singles interested in your personality. You can also look through the suggested examples and decide on the information or details you can add that might attract other people. 

Membership Prices

Following the common industry practice, offers free and premium (fee-based) services. Being a free member, you can use a fundamental set of features to get familiar with the basic dating services the site offers. It’s a good way to decide if it appeals to you. If you choose to pay and become a premium member, you’ll get all the benefits of premium subscription, including unlimited communication and the assistance of a personal matchmaker who’ll get you through all the steps on your way to finding that special someone. 
With premium membership on you receive: Unlimited messaging (sending, reading and replying); Instant Messenger; communication on your mobile phone (reading and replying to email messages); notifications when your email messages have been read; see who’s viewed your profile; highlighted profile; Personal Matchmaker. As you can see, with a premium subscription you receive much more options to make your stay at an all-inclusive and unrivaled dating experience.

Brand Quality, Member Security & Site Safety

Matchmakers on are those who seek and find the perfect matches for you. They will save you time and effort; all you need to do is just give them information on what you prefer and who you’d like to meet for a long-lasting relationship. When you use their services, it is guaranteed that you’ll find singles compatible with you. respects and maintains your privacy. All its features and functionalities are secure, and you can always be sure that no confidential information will be disclosed. Besides, all the members of are rated by each other and qualified by matchmakers. As a result, this creates a friendly environment and contributes to overall site safety.No one can sign up with without providing a valid email address. A member receives a password that allows them to log in only after their email address confirmation.

Success Stories is an online dating site where you’ll be able to find a partner with minimum time and effort. This is possible due to the experienced and result-oriented team of professionals who do their best to give you all the opportunities to meet the person you really want and start a new relationship.