4 Things You Need to Know About Best Dating Sites

April 11, 2017

Nowadays, online dating is an everyday activity that has become a part of our lives. Almost everybody has used dating sites at least once. The best dating sites provide a great opportunity for people to find their future significant other. But do you actually know the basics of their services?

There are a few things to know about them and keep in mind. Some aspects of online dating can be not too pleasing. The intimacy of face to face communication is lost, and people may do strange things. Here is the list of the most important things to learn and be aware of.


1. These websites differ in many ways.

Depending on your dating goals, sexuality, ethnicity, etc., you need to look for different websites. Some of them quite specific about their target audience, others are more general and suit everybody.  There are so many types of dating services that you might be lost at first. Study the “market” and define your interests and purpose. Choose wisely. Try different approaches.


2. Pictures are not to be trusted.

Well, not always, at least. First of all, the pictures of users may often deceive you. We all seek for the looks that we would like, and that would be pleasing to the eye. It is implied that people are to post their real pictures on dating websites. However, there are no guarantees that the said picture is of that specific person you are interested in. Moreover, these days, even a child knows how to use Photoshop. Look at the photos closely to find any inconsistencies. Post your own photo—show your natural beauty. The second danger of websites photos are saucy pictures. If some pervert sends you a pic, think before opening it—it may be the most disgusting thing you see in your life. The anonymity of Internet causes many people to show their nudity around. Please, be modest and think of other people's sanity as well.


3. Liars are everywhere.

Statistically, more than 50 percent of people lie about themselves. Even the best online dating sites cannot protect you from it. People most often imagine some idealistic facts about their careers, hobbies, beliefs, and even their appearance. Remember that no person is ideal and completely perfect in real life. Everybody has their faults—some may be minor, others are big. If you see a profile of a person of your dreams, be careful and do not believe everything you see. A sure indicator of an untruthful person is their speech. If they sound like Wikipedia, something is wrong; they do not know what they are talking about.


4. Do not raise your hopes up for a proper conversation with a proper goodbye.

Of course, a polite person will tell you “goodbye” when they go offline. However, not all dating websites users are so polite. Often, you will face a situation when your new friend may go offline without a proper farewell. Do not expect too much from a stranger on the Internet. Ghosting is a common thing on these websites. Do not think that you are not an interesting person. They are simply being jerks. Not all people are pleasant to talk with. Some people may react like kids when you say something that they do not like. The word “no” sounds for them like a personal offense, and they may start reacting inadequately. Rude words and intimidation are their main weapon. You can just ignore the user and report them to the administration of the service.


As you see, the communication on dating websites differs from the real-life face-to-face talk. People may do something that they do not usually perceive as right. In general, dating websites communication strongly resembles social networks, just with a particular goal. Do not take all insults personally and keep looking for the person that is right for you.