Top 4 Weirdest Dating Websites

February 21, 2017

Let us preface this with the fact that we have nothing against online dating. Online dating is great for many reasons. It is one of the easiest ways for a hungry heart to find a suitable mate. However, if are looking for vampire hunters, sugar daddies, ugly or married partners, there are some dating websites you should definitely try.

Each dating app or website gives you access to the whole virtual world with tens of thousands of single people in it, so at first, you may feel like you are on the right track. But later, you can discover that besides being its greatest asset, it also becomes the greatest frustration: since online dating has become as common as meeting someone at a party, certain familiar websites like Ok Cupid are not enough anymore. Today, there is a variety of specialized ones for those who want to find a partner with the same interests, religion, sexual preferences, and so on. And this is where the fun begins. This list includes the most bizarre, ridiculous, weird, disgusting dating websites on the Internet.

Website for Look-a-Likes

Because that is what you are looking for, are you not? The dating website FindYourFacemate was built on a conviction that chemistry and similar faces are two most important factors of a good relationship. The idea to create this website came after people kept telling the founder that she and her ex-husband looked like twins.

The site is powered by a facial-recognition technology that matches you with someone like you. The mapping software compares nine points of each face, including eyes, nose, chin, and ears, and finds the similarities.

Moreover, you can find celebrity couples sharing such dating-their-twin dynamic and the stars serially attracted to people who could be their siblings—do not be surprised to see such potential couples as Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon or Amanda Seyfried and Abbie Cornish there.

Website for Mother's Single Son

What mom does not want the best for her son? One of such loving mothers, a 63-year-old matchmaker Geri Brin, had been trying to find the perfect spouse for her 31-year-old son Colby for a long time. Recently, she decided to intensify the search and add a new link to her popular lifestyle website, Faboverfifty, to let other moms do the same for their bachelor sonnies.

The link lets all women post particulars about their kind, smart, and handsome boys (or daughters, nephews, grandchildren) and just wait for when a partner of a dream “knock on their email box.” Moms of single kids can contact each other. High level of matchmaking!

If you are not looking for someone whose mother rated all single ladies to find the perfect love match for her son before choosing your candidacy, this site is not for you.

Website for the Married

“Life is short. Have an affair.” Such website greeting on the homepage does not cause any doubts about the category of clients the website caters.

Ashleymadison is only for married people. This dating website is the world's largest online social networking community of its kind: there are nearly 40 million people who are already in relationships but still want to date. There is even the option to immediately visit a fake home renovation site at any moment by pressing a “panic button.” All who are aware of this are nodding understandingly right now.

This looks like a debauched wonderland of people cheating on their spouses, although a recent hack attack revealed that most of the women's profiles were fake. If you are not already the service’s user, Ashleymadison is one of those online dating sites from which you have to walk away. And if you are married, check your second half for the presence on this website.

Website for the Beautiful

If you wonder what could be worse than an online community of matchmaking moms and couples of face-twins, here it is! Beautiful people is both a real disaster and great fun.

The website is an online dating service where users are voted in or out by the existing members over a 48-hour period, so the majority vote is the deciding factor. In 2010, Beautiful people removed almost 5,000 users from the site, allegedly for gaining weight. In 2012, it launched a satirical campaign in support of same-sex marriages by producing images using look-a-likes: Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin as spouses, Donald Trump marrying Mitt Romney.

The latest venture of the website's founders is to create a virtual sperm and egg bank stocked with donors from the beauty gene pool. Their sense of humor seems to be better than the average IQ.