Asian Girls Dating Shoulds and Shouldnts

May 22, 2017

If you think that it is hard to find an Asian girlfriend of your dreams, we have good news for you. Asian girls dating sites can easily solve this problem. But here come the bad news. Asian girls have their own habits, beliefs, and peculiarities you should know about beforehand. Do not want your date to go bad? Just follow our simple instructions.

There are many specific things about Asian girls white guys usually ignore. Let us focus on them.


Food and Eating Out

If you want to ask an Asian girl out on a date to a restaurant or a cafe, you should know that they like to use chopsticks even if the dishes they order do not need them. The thing is that they have been using them from the cradle and do not understand how somebody can eat without them. And they are quite serious about keeping hands clean.

While Asian guys and girls have the same taste in food, yours may differ. But that does not mean that you have a choice to say “no” when she offers you to eat something special. Eat everything and do not ever crinkle your nose. Moreover, if she treats you with a dish made by her parents specially for you, eat everything.

Asian girls like spicy dishes. Do not be surprised if she asks for more hot sauce or even gets some out of her purse.

Get ready to drink tea. A lot of tea, to be honest. Asian girls drink tea all the time, so you need to get used to it. If you are drinking tea in the company of her family or friends, remember to refill everyone’s cup before yours. And do not forget that you should start with the oldest in the company.

Eating out with an Asian girl means that she will be the first to reach for the check. She was brought up that way, so do not try to stop her.


Appearance and Wellness

If your dates with an Asian girl are successful, and you are ready to start a serious relationship, here are some tips for you. Asian girls have dark hair, and you will notice it everywhere in your apartment, starting from the carpet and vacuum cleaner right down to the shower drain. The good news here is that Asian girls are not hairy. They can shave their legs only twice a year, and guys will never see the difference.

However, Asian girls take their appearance rather seriously, so do not ever say something about her weight, skin paleness, or even the big size of her feet.



Even if she looks Asian, it does not necessarily mean that she knows an Asian language better than English. So do not try to make her explain it to you. But remember that Asian girls are quite enthusiastic about learning other languages besides English and want their boyfriends to share this interest. Here is one more important thing. Even though Asian girls got used to the fact that people always pronounce and spell their names incorrectly, you should know how to do it right from the very beginning of your relationship.


Habits and Traditions

If an Asian girl invites you to her apartment, always take off your shoes. If you feel uncomfortable, just wear socks and try to keep your feet fresh and clean. Moreover, Asian girls are quite serious about health issues.

Remember that her parents will not favor her choice. At least at the beginning of your relationship. Asian people like it when their sons and daughters marry their friends’ children.

Asian girls are rather impulsive, so it is better to stay away from your girlfriend if she is angry about something. Besides, Asians have a corny sense of humour, and you have to get used to it.