5 Tips on Finding Your Soul Mate on Christian Dating Sites

May 22, 2017

If you are single and unhappy about it, there is no reason to ignore your personal life. If you are up for adding a modern twist to your love story, you can always go online. Your devotion to religion and God does not require you to go through life alone. You can visit certain websites that provide opportunities for Christian singles dating each other. There are many cases of Christian singles finding their soul mate online and ending up happily married. Here are some useful tips for those who are considering online dating.


Carefully Select Your Photos


When you upload your profile photos to a Christian dating site, try to choose recent photos that are free of blurs and have a good quality. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you should look pleasant, decent, and respectable in the photos.

There are many cases when Christians post photos that are a little too revealing or in which they look too serious. Avoid these common mistakes, because people tend to make their first impression within three seconds of viewing your photo.

It will be great if you post a photo where you are smiling and doing something you like. If you show people what hobbies and interests you have, it will create curiosity about you. And please remember that your smile increases your chances to capture somebody's attention.


Be Honest


Take some time and write about yourself. This will also increase your chances to attract the right person. Write about your character, your likes and dislikes. Be honest and do not mention interests and traits you do not have. Otherwise, you may find yourself in an awkward position when you move to offline dating.

Write what traits of character are important to you and mention for what purposes you are on the site. Indicate if you need a friend, a worship partner, or a marriage partner.


Be Proactive


It is not enough to count on God alone when you are looking for your ideal partner. He has already given you everything for attracting your soul mate. Now it is your turn to do the work. After you create your Christian online dating profile, do not just sit there—do something to be noticeable.

Open the search page and use filters to indicate your preferences and find those that may interest you. Find out if there is a mobile version or apps to access the dating site you are using from your mobile devices. These services can make online dating more convenient, interactive, and engaging.


Read the entire profile


It may be a huge mistake to start chatting with someone who attracts you only physically. If you are ready to spend your time on communication, then reading the entire profile will help you understand the person better.

Make your first message more interesting than just a common salutation. A one-line letter does not show your true interest in the person and lowers your chances of getting a response from the person you like. Use your creativity and be genuinely interested in the person you are writing.


Have Faith But Be Aware


There are many cases when Christian singles meet their perfect partners and marry them afterwards. You should also have faith to find your true Christian partner. Be optimistic and view all your dating experience as a good opportunity to get to know people and become a more mature person.


Keep in mind that online dating is also real, and you should be aware of potential scammers. Do not provide your personal data as well as social media accounts until you have checked the person and feel comfortable with your communication.

Combine your trust in God with your persistent actions, and you will achieve the desired results in your personal life.