How Single Christian Women Can Find Single Christian Men

May 22, 2017

For those of you who are single and looking for your soulmate, there are plenty of online Christian dating websites that can help you in your search. If you cannot find the right person in your community or town, maybe it is time to widen your searching area so that the chances become higher.

For those who believe in God and want their partner to share their belief, it is extremely important to find the right person—a person that would give you love and support, stay with you in good and bad times, and appreciate the same from your side. With Christian dating sites, it is now easier to find such a person than ever before.

You may have heard lots of stories about people finding their significant others online. There are plenty of similar cases among Christians as well! If faith in God means a lot to you, we would recommend you to go to websites that offer Christian dating only.

The most important difference of Christian dating sites from the other ones is that there you will find people who are serious in their intentions. Plus, it is also possible to make the search more specified and see if you can not only meet Christian singles, but choose among Christian-Protestant, Christian-Catholic, Orthodox Christian, Christian LDS, and others.

If you are new to this way of meeting people, here are some tips to make your searching more efficient.

Carefully fill up your profilery to fill in all the blanks, as it will help men know more about you. Pay special attention to the fields in which you are supposed to write about yourself and your potential partner. There is no need to write a long text here, only the things that are the most vital to you. Once you start chatting with men, you will be able to tell them the rest about you.

There is probably no need to remind you that it is better for your text to be honest. Remember, there is always someone for everyone, so try not to embellish things.

Upload photos

Profiles with photos are generally more popular than the faceless ones. And it is not only about you being pretty and attractive, it is more about showing others that you have nothing to hide and that you are a real person.

However, it is better to upload not just any photos, but those where people can clearly see your face. Some people choose photos where they look too serious, almost grumpy, just because they want to show that they have serious intentions. This is a common mistake that makes others only avoid viewing such a profile, as they may think that the person is too grumpy. It is much better to use pictures where you are smiling and doing something that you like: a picture from the trip to Paris, a portrait taken with your children (if you have them), photos with your pets, or simply nice-looking photos of good quality.

It is also better to upload more than one photo to let people have a better picture of what you look like in real life.

Do not wait for miracles, be proactive

There is no need in waiting patiently till men start writing you first, you can also look through their profiles and say the first “Hello” to those whom you like the most.

Go to the search page and set some filters that are essential to you (place of living, age, maybe some appearance features). Read carefully the entire profile of every man you like. And do not be shy to write the first line. It should not be your C.V., just say the things people usually say when they see each other for the first time, like “Hello, how are you?”. You may also add something like “I like your profile, you seem to be a nice man.” At least if it true, then why not say it out loud.

It is also nice if you add something personal to your message that would show that you are not simply copy-pasting your text to every single man on the site. You may refer to a picture or information in the profile, for example, “Is it your dog in the picture?” or “I also like biking. Where do you prefer to do it? In a countryside or in the city?”

Chatting on dating sites is not rocket science. It is almost the same as having a conversation in real life, maybe even a little bit easier, as you have time to think over your reply.

Reward comes to the patient ones

If you are lucky, then you will be able to find your perfect match within a few weeks. But even if you could not find the right person while browsing the site, do not worry, there are dozens of new profiles appearing on the dating sites every day. You should have faith that your perfect Christian partner is there somewhere also waiting to meet you. Everything will happen at the right time.